2024 Design Trend Series: Western Gothic

2024 Trend Series: Western Gothic

As someone who loathes the notion of trends I was hesitant about putting together this trend series for you.. but then I realised at some point my home style was a trend and I am still obsessed with my choices, so stick to a style you truly love & you’ll never go out of fashion.

  1. Western Gothic

My prayers have been answered.. finally we are seeing a fusion of two styles which are, in my opinion, independently a little bit immature. But together, oh my, do they look goooooood!

Dark walls, floors, ceilings and soft furnishings are broken up with raw wood, animal hides, brown leather and cacti plants. This is the marriage to beat guys. It’s like Clint and Morticia hooked up and went into interiors together.

See some of my favourite examples below. Source: Pinterest

Instant Update: Sheepskin

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Instant Update: Cactus Plant

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