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Interiors Trends for Q3 – Shag Interior’s Predictions
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SO, this is the first blog post I’ve done with my trend predictions but I will try to post one as we approach each quarter because they are fun to see if I was right!
I’m going to dive straight in here and start with:


My spidey-senses are tingling and lately every time I look at a room or sit down to create a palette I am drawn to this gorgeous mulberry colour. I can see this being a bit interiors trend in the coming months, particularly as we head out of Summer. 

Paired with dark stained wood and brass fixtures this is an eye-catching but sophisticated way to revamp any room.

Rustoleum mulberry paint

Rustoleum have this colour in a tile paint which I’m tempted to try out in my kitchen.. you can grab it here

Not ready to paint the whole room? Try some bed linen against a gorgeous creamy wall colour & a wooden bedframe. Or for a super cosy, moody feel try a dark olive green on the walls and use polished brass decor to give it an ‘old-money’ feel.

TOP TIP: If you want to go all-in and colour drench a room in this colour I would recommend using matt for the walls and ceiling and satin or gloss for the wood and metal work – trust me, this will instantly add a luxe, high-end feel to any room.

Extreme Gloss

It was actually a client of mine who first brought this to my attention but over in the States we are seeing a huge surge in super-high gloss walls and ceilings. So shiny you can see your reflection! Particularly great for larger, period properties to really hit that grandeur. The name that keeps coming up in articles I see about this paint style is Paints of Europe, who, ironically, only sell their products in the US and Canada. But if you’re interested in a high-gloss/lacquer finish please drop me an email as I may be able to help!

Image: House and Garden

TOP TIP: A lot of lacquer paints are not compliant with UK legislation as they can be harmful to the air quality so before you buy any old product from Amazon do your research and consult a professional’s advice.

Dopamine Decorating

I LOVE that colour is finally getting it’s 5 minutes after an endless age of greige and minimalism. Playful pops of serotonin-inducing tones are appearing more and more ,and Instagram fave @thishousewemade and @walbirchmansion really show us how it’s done here.


If you’re not feeling this ambitious but want to introduce some colour into your home you could first try painting a piece of furniture, or introduce a new colour to a room by painting the skirting and/or doors. Small but deliberate colour placement can really put together a room (think ‘the unexpected red theory), and can draw the eye to otherwise un-noticed furniture that can sometimes make a room look dull.

But how do we find colours that compliment but are interesting together? Play around on tools like or take some inspo from my favourite combinations below:

TOP TIP: There’s tons of painting tutorials on Youtube and TikTok to perfect specialist painting such as colour blocking and stripes, but if you’re pressed for time or just cack-handed then it’s worth getting a professional in. If you live between Stoke and Cannock or just outside at either end then I am available to hire for all your painting and decorating needs! Get in touch today – by calling Sophie on +44 7811 379900


This is definitely a trend happening and I would normally steer clients away from trends; BUT if you have the right home for it and enjoy this Parisian inspired style anyway it’s a good one to sink your teeth into as it will always look timeless.


Stacked spice jars, cafe curtains, bistro style furniture and dim lighting creates a cool, laid-back but grown-up home without being too theatrical. Kitchens obviously lend themselves well to this style and you can really amp it up by adding shelves filled with odds and sods like milk jugs, dried pasta in jars and cute butter dishes.

Cafecore kitchen

If you live in a flat or terraced house with a narrow kitchen you can still achieve this look with a small bistro set and gallery walls. Extra points for a low hanging art-deco light fitting.

TOP TIP: A scented candle placed in the window or on the breakfast bar will instantly add a nice feel to your kitchen.

That’s my roundup of trend predictions for the next few months. What do you guys think we will be seeing more of? Anything you want to add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

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