Hi, I’m Sophie from Shag Interior, and here’s my story…

I’m an interiors-obsessed thirty-something year old & I transform homes and workplaces through clever and considered design. 

I have been lucky enough to move around a lot since I moved out of my parents’ house at age 21. In that time I’ve lived in many different types of property in over 10 locations, so I got pretty good at being able to make a house a home. 

As the years went on I realised that so much of our comfort, happiness and inner-peace comes from our surroundings; so why do so many of us hold back from injecting our personalities into our homes? And worse still.. why are we made to feel temporary by always worrying about how other people are going to value our home when we come to sell?!

I’ve never really understood the desire to live in a soulless, carbon copy of every other house on the street.. so if you’re looking for that ‘all-grey and astro-turf’ kinda vibe I’m not the designer for you.

I personally love print, rich colour and homes that tell a story, but so far this year I’ve had briefs that range from ‘Cosy but Tough’ to ‘Boutique Luxe’ and even a pirate-themed Barbershop! So I would love to hear your ideas, find our more about you and help you transform your home or workplace into your very own sanctuary.  If the brief isn’t right for me I will let you know and try my best to point you in the direction of someone who can help.

If you’re local to Cannock/Stafford/Stoke I also offer painting and decorating services.

So whether it’s full design production or wallpapering a tricky archway I’d love to hear from you!


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“I want to help people breathe life into their homes and I encourage individuality and creativity at every turn.”

I have a flair for maximalism and I love subtle nods to eras gone by, particularly the 70s.  That said, I’m happy to take a look at any brief and I love a challenge. Like I say, I’ll be honest with you if it doesn’t align with my own style or capabilities and I’ll direct you to another kick-ass designer who can help.
I love nothing more than seeing a space that could easily look like any other home on the street become a vibrant, interesting space that reflects the people who live inside them. I celebrate my clients values and ensure the whole family is considered when planning my designs.
To see some examples of my work send me an email with your name and request my portfolio PDF – sophie@shaginterior.co.uk
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Other Services

As well as our design consultancy packages we also offer the following services:

INTERIOR Decorating

Painting and wallpapering services for inside the home/workplace


Up-cycling furniture commissions are welcome, use the enquiry form to find out more


A virtual consultation suitable for those who would like fast and cost-effective ideas for interior design

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