5 Ways to Create a Cosy Home

Yes candles and throws are the obvious way to make your home more cosy but here’s a list of 5 other tricks to create a soft, inviting and comfy environment without breaking the bank…

woman reading book

  • Mix Up the Texture 🧶
    Allowing different textures to live cohesively in one space will instantly bring a depth to your rooms that creates a cosy, welcoming space.

  • Lighting is EVERYTHING 💡
    You’ve heard me say it before and you’ll hear me say it again:


    Play around with different bulb wattage, filaments and colours. And for the love of God avoid white light unless your idea of ‘cosy and relaxing’ is Patrick Bateman’s apartment. 

  • Fill the Space 🪴
    Consider using vases, a stack of magazines, empty wine bottles as candlesticks or pottery to make your space feel lived in and warm.

  • Introduce Colour 🎨
    If your space is feeling a little 2-dimensional it may be that your palette isn’t varied enough. You don’t need to go full-out-maximalist here, just add splashes of colour with cushions, artwork and plants to create a homely environment you’ll never want to leave. 

  • Don’t Forget Your Tribe 🐶
    Framed photos of your nearest and dearest are the quickest way to inject some fuzzy-feels into your home. Vary the sizes, styles and colours of the frames for bonus points.

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